Crazy little thing called Love

I know that its important to know what you really need from one; I know that you need to be in a place where you feel ready to be in a partnership with someone; I know you need to open up your baggage so that it doesnt weigh you down or steer things in the wrong direction; I know that relationships arent about blaming someone else for whats wrong or needing to be right and I know that the things you like and love about your partner are what matter, not what you dont like.

But what Ive also learned is that all of that stuff is useless without one, simple thing:

You have to be ready to let go and make it up as you go along.

I call this act of letting go freefall, because theres a point where you just have to let yourself go; a point where you have to loosen your grip and let gravity take its course.

Love isnt about game playing and it isnt about logic, and all the relationship tips, advice, checks and balances mean nothing unless you agree to do this one thing.

Loving someone is scary, confusing and unpredictable, and the catalyst to making a choice to freefall is a big bag full of courage. You have to trust yourself to feel your way through and you have to forget about the old rules youve set and all the shoulds and oughts that set you spinning.

Be willing to make it up as you go along. Be willing to let your heart play a bigger role. Be willing to admit that you dont know what youre doing and be willing to take a chance.

As far as love goes, were all in the same boat. Play from the heart.

The One Thing That Makes Love Work @ Lifehack



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