Don’t you wanna go back there?

Pltica entre Locke y Sawyer en el s05e04 – “The Little Prince”.

Locke: The night that boone died… I went out there and started pounding on it as hard as I could. I was… confused… scared. Babbling like an idiot, asking, why was all this happening to me?

Sawyer: Did you get an answer?

Locke: Light came on, shot up into the sky. At the time, I thought it meant something.

Sawyer: Did it?

Locke: No. It was just a light.

Sawyer: So why’d you turn us around then? Don’t you wanna go back there?

Locke: Why would I wanna do that?

Sawyer: So you could tell yourself to do things different, save yourself a world of pain.

Locke: No, I needed that pain to get to where I am now.


  1. Gabriel Bernal · febrero 18, 2009

    Excelente capitulo, Sawyer y Locke siempre tienen buenas escenas, por cierto hoy sale el 6to!!!!!!!!!


  2. gIzmHo · febrero 18, 2009

    gabriel bernal: vaya que s… en s, toda la temporada ha estado muy buena, sin captulos de relleno hasta el momento. anyway, para estos momentos ya salo el nuevo, a por l.


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